Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Gentley

How to get started?

Gentley is available for download on the App Store (for iOS 9 and higher) and on Google Play (for Android v4.1 and higher).

You can download the app and create an account for free. Gentley is a membership based matchmaking service.

What is Gentley?

Gentley is an elegant matchmaking app for relationships based on clarity and respect. We empower you to choose the right relationship style for you.

Within our secure app members can connect for friendship, mentoring, networking, dating, and other connections that fit the boundaries of their lifestyle. Every member is verified, and all your data is encrypted.

How does Gentley work?

Gentley is a members-only dating app with personalized matchmaking algorithms offering personal suggestions daily . All members are vetted and only verified members are granted access.

User created profiles inform the system about their personalities and desires. The AI compares and rates all available profiles according to their preference. Every 24 hours a new selection of potentials is offered to browse through for each member.

A few other things influence the compatibility besides personality and desire. For example, one side has shown interest or presented other desirable behavior to receive a more favorable consideration. They will then more likely be suggested to the other side in a next round.

Consider this approach to be more deliberate compared to the modern fast-paced dating apps. With Gentley you won't get stuck in an endless cycle of swiping.

No waste of precious time until a match appears, only to discover neither is actually interested in another. The limited number of daily suggestions encourage proper consideration of who to engage further with. If you really want to show your interest with a like, or even write an introduction message to make sure to catch their attention in return.

Matches are able to connect in privacy using Gentley for messaging, calling and having video chats. We ensure full security and personal control over what's send and visible to the others.

Who can you expect to meet?

The Gentley members are as varied as they are unique. Yet they all fall within some interesting categories. We aim to attract those who are considerate and mindful.

Gentley is for those who look for either friendship or mentorship, a pen-pal or dinner conversations. There are chances to meet someone for romance and passionate connections. Be it for more than merely single moments, and of a higher involvement than hookups. You can find your own desired commitments available while all being clear of intent for both sides.

Membership details

Why is Gentley members-only?

Trust is crucial for successful engagement and can't be achieved when you're not certain if your match is authentic. We want all members to feel safe and do so by keeping outsiders from having unwanted access in any way.

We guard our community by verifying all our members. We control who tries to come in, keep unwanted visitors out and discourage members from misbehaving.

How can you become a member

All steps to membership can be taken from within the Gentley app. When you sign-up to create your account we guide you step-by-step through payment, verification and filling in your profile to get started discovering your daily selection of potentials.

Why do I need to share my first name?

We want clarity for all members. A good start of any sort of relation is to get to know the real person. While a first name isn't an indicator of character, sharing it does indicate a form of trust and comfort, beneficial when trying to establish a true connection.

Your name will be visible only to those you have matched with. Like an offline encounter, your name should only be revealed to someone you know. Until then we will show your personal headline to your potentials instead.

Why do you need to share your age?

Age is just a number, but it's important for us to know all our members are adults. We don't allow members to filter by age and won't be disclose it to your suggestions. Only after you decided to match with someone, they will be able to see your real age and your first name.


What is the price for membership?

The membership fees for gentlemen are 99.99 USD and for ladies 9.99 USD per month.

What are the accepted payment options?

You can pay with the payment options connected to your Apple iTunes, or your Google Play account. All subscriptions will be renewed automatically at the end of each period. The membership costs for the entire period are deducted at the start of each new cycle.

Additional payment options will soon be available on the website.

How to renew your membership

All members pay for a recurring subscription, this means that by default we automatically deduct the required amount from the credit card and renew the membership for the same period length.

Premium features will be disabled automatically, once your subscription has expired.

What happens when your subscription runs out?

Your subscription is recurring, so at the end of the subscription period we will renew the subscription automatically and deduct the costs from your Google Play/Apple iTunes account.

If you choose to cancel your recurring subscription your membership will end at the final date of the current paid plan. When this happens, premium features will be disabled.

How to end your membership

You will find the option to stop your subscription in your Profile & Account settings in the app. Tap Payment to see your subscription renewal status.

This will end your active membership on the date your subscription runs out. Your Premium features will be disabled. However your account will remain in our database and your data stays stored until you renew your membership or delete your account. Upon renewal all premium features will become available to you again.

Ending your membership does not automatically delete your account


Why do all members need to get verified?

Gentley is committed to provide an environment of mutual trust and respect. Our verification service is providing confidence in the authenticity of each member. Verified members create more realistic expectations and therefore have more successful matches.

We guard our community by verifying all our members. We check who tries to come in, keep unwanted visitors out and discourage members from misbehaving.

Trust is crucial for successful engagement and can't be achieved when you're not certain if your match is authentic. We want all members to feel safe and do so by keeping outsiders from having unwanted access in any way.

How do you get verified?

After completing your profile, our team confirms your authenticity

On the verification screen our admin team will authenticate your profile image and keep the reference for future profile image updates.

Who does the verification?

Our specialized team at Gentley performs the verification process internally with full consideration of your privacy.

Will your personal information be secure?

Protecting your privacy and safety is our utmost priority. The data on your phone and our servers is fully encrypted.

Your personal data is not available to any of our members unless you desire to share it yourself. We also don't tolerate any fake users and through the verification process minimise the chances of fraudulent experiences.

User are also not able to export any media files or chat messages from the app into the gallery.

Discovery & Connections

How do you get matches?

Every 24 hours the Gentley's matchmaking algorithm provides a selection of potentials based on profile compatibilities and interest rating. As a verified member you have access from the Potentials screen to view these profiles. You can browse back and forth between them, and show your interest through a like or an introduction message. Showing your affection increases the chance to be displayed as a suggestion yourself. Potentials who showed their affection are highlighted. By responding you will create a match.

Matched members are able to chat and share media files with each other. Your matches are accessible in the communications screen.

After matching both members also discover the real first name and age of the other person. This is the first step to getting to know one another.

How to contact your matches

There are three levels of trust that guide your experience with other members.

Prior to your match with another member, your won't be able communicate with potentials directly. You will however be able to see their redacted profile.

After matching, you reach the second level of trust. We give you access to each other from the Conversations screen and chat with each other through direct messages. You are able to share rich media files with each other like photos and videos, and recorded voice messages. You are alos able to have an audio/ video call with each other These options are accessed from the + (plus) sign in the lower left corner.

We believe the first level is to gain attention, and the second is, to get introduced. The goal is to gain enough trust for a personal call. There is nothing that compares to the moment you first hear and see each other live.

How can you gain trust?

Only with time. Gentley is a "slow dating" matchmaking service. Taking your time to get to know someone builds trust. We make sure to slow things down so everyone stays aware of the potential risks involved when meeting someone new.

Looking at this from another perspective, we encourage all members to be mindful to themselves and their matches. Trust is a real goal within Gentley and should be achieved through considerate conversations.

How can you unlock the Trust level?

When it's time for both sides to take it to the next level, either side can invite the other to a video or audio call. Both members will be asked at the end of the call if they want to stay connected. If both feel the same way, they will stay connected, if not, the conversation will close.

Your profile & account settings

The rules for photography

Our Gentley community consists of mature and sophisticated individuals looking for like minded companions. We wish to maintain a healthy and safe environment to connect and allow new bonds to form. Our photography rules are an integral part of this culture. Uploaded images are therefore moderated, for the protection of yourself and all other Gentley members.

  • Show your face: Your profile on Gentley should be a reflection of your true self. Gentley provides a respectful environment, we therefore ask you to be mindful when uploading your profile images. You are also more likely to connect with others when they can see your smile. Accounts not showing their clear face will not be able to get verified and won't be granted membership.
  • No genital nudity: Less is More. There are many reasons to become a Gentley member and you have the freedom to be who you are, but be respectful of each other and keep it classy. If you like to be a bit risqué on your profile you are allowed within our moderation limits. We encourage you to save the full reveal for private connections and be mindful that there needs to be consent. Photos violating this rule may be deleted.
  • Only photos of yourself: You might have a wonderful group of friends, a beautiful family or a unique bond with other Gentley members, we do not tolerate these people showing up on your profile. Your profile is your own and should only present who you are. When sharing photos in private message also understand that we do not allow any images of unattended minors and when reported this will result in the termination of membership.
  • No copyright infringement: Only use photos that you own for your profile. We don’t cater to fake profiles in any form. Copyright infringement is not tolerated.
  • High-quality photos only: As a member of the premium Gentley platform you are a part of our community and reflective of our aim for quality. Avoid using low resolution photos on your profile. Don’t add any type of captions or overlays to your photo and be subtle with any type of filters so they only enhance your image without obscuring your identity. We might review your profile due to improperly rotated or cropped images and request to re-upload your photos in a better quality.
  • No violent or graphic content: Be it part of your kink, profession or experience, we do not tolerate violence or obscenity in photos. Profiles may also not contain hate speech in their descriptions and we will remove any such texts when identified. You’re part of a respectful and tolerant community as a Gentley member.
    Disrespectful, racist and intolerant content may result in a permanent removal of your account from Gentley. With this in mind, please exercise restraint and respect for others in the community when posting hunting photos, as many members find images of dead animals disturbing.

How to edit your profile

During account creation you will be guided through the creation of your full profile. This process focuses on adding all information that will be displayed to other members. Do you like to update your information, add new photos, change your desires or edit your entire presentation?

Editing your profile is possible from the Profile & Account settings screen in the app. Under your profile photo you’ll find the yellow "Edit Profile" button. Tap the icons to open to section you wish to edit. All changes save automatically and when you’re done editing, tap the back icon in the top left corner to finish or click on the "complete" button in the last section.

You can preview the changes on your profile by clicking on the "Preview profile" button located on the top right of the Profile & Account settings.

How to change your profile photo

From the Profile & Account settings screen tap the yellow "Edit profile" button to open the profile editor. The profile image can be edited on the first section. In the photos section you’ll see crosses (X) displayed at the top-right corner of each photo, which allows you to delete the photo.

Can you change your password?

From the Profile & Account settings screen tap "Account" to open your account information screen and here tap "Change password". Fill in the current and the new password then click on "save" to complete the change.

How to hide your profile

It is possible to remain an active member and contact your existing matches while hiding your profile. Hiding your profile means it will not be suggested as a daily potential for new connections anymore. Your existing matches will still see your profile and are able to reach out to you. You will also not be able to view any of your own suggestions anymore as long as you are hidden.

From the Profile & Account settings screen tap "Account" to open your account information screen and here tap "Profile visibility" and select visibility "off". Your profile might still be visible as a current suggestion to others you’re not matched with, but it will not show up for new rounds of daily suggestions any more, so within 24 hours you will be completely hidden.

How to delete your account

You can delete your account within the profile settings.

Account deletion means all your data will be removed and your subscription ends immediately. You can’t return at a later date to continue with this account anymore and lose all your connection and messages too. If you wish to keep your data but suspend your membership instead, find out how to cancel your subscription

Safety, Security & Support

How to block and report someone

While we work with double opt-in before others can interact with you, there might be someone showing up in your suggestions that you rather keep from showing up again. They can be blocked and never show up for you nor be able to see your profile suggested again.

Your match might turn out to be a mismatch, or misbehave during your interactions. Block them to unmatch and report their behavior for our team to inspect when necessary.

In both scenarios you can select the options to Block & Report by tapping on the 3-dot icon visible in the top right corner on their profile and chat screens. All shared content will be removed on both sides and further connections will not be possible. As we only accept verified members, banned users will not be able to return with different accounts.

Will a blocked member be able to still view your profile?

Once you blocked them they will not have access to your profile, previous messages, media files or chats. All connections between you and the blocked member will be permanently deleted.

Can a member be unblocked?

After taking the steps to block a member you will not be able to see them anymore and there will be no way to unblock them. They will disappear from your app and will not be shown again, nor will your profile be visible to them anymore.

How to contact customer support

Do you have further questions or need to report an issue? We are standing by to help you out when you contact us via our contact form on the website or send an email directly to and expect a reply within 24 hours.

You can also use our support chat within the app. To do so, open the Profile & Account settings and select "Support" to start a direct chat with the admin.

Our admins are available during business hours 9am - 5pm CET.

Still have any Questions? Contact us